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Getting CodeIgniter/Bonfire running on nginx

So… I’ve been trying CI/Bonfire¬†as a quick PHP dev platform. Unfortunately, it’s pre-packaged for Apache’s .htaccess, so it takes a bit of configuration to get working on nginx. The following assumes PHP-FPM is actually working though. ¬†Installing CI/Bonfire For some reason, the install portion has its own index.php. So the default PHP pretty URL rewriting […]

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Getting PHP-FPM running on nginx

Getting FastCGI working on nginx I have two files – a modified version of FastCGI_params, and an extra file that contains my configuration directives for .php files. The second file is simply named php_fastcgi and is located in the same folder as nginx.conf, and is include php_fastcgi;-d anywhere I need PHP support: # Process PHP […]

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nginx testing

As part of my web optimization interest, I’ve been looking into alternatives & add-ons for the traditional LAMP stack. The most obvious thing I’ve found is replacing Apache with Lighttpd or nginx. nginx seems to be more updated (based on what I’m remembering of a cursory web search a while ago), so I’m focusing my […]

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