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Getting CodeIgniter/Bonfire running on nginx

So… I’ve been trying CI/Bonfire¬†as a quick PHP dev platform. Unfortunately, it’s pre-packaged for Apache’s .htaccess, so it takes a bit of configuration to get working on nginx. The following assumes PHP-FPM is actually working though. ¬†Installing CI/Bonfire For some reason, the install portion has its own index.php. So the default PHP pretty URL rewriting […]

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Getting PHP-FPM running on nginx

Getting FastCGI working on nginx I have two files – a modified version of FastCGI_params, and an extra file that contains my configuration directives for .php files. The second file is simply named php_fastcgi and is located in the same folder as nginx.conf, and is include php_fastcgi;-d anywhere I need PHP support: # Process PHP […]

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