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Building Nginx SRPMS

Companion to my earlier post, this actually has commands


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Path to building Nginx Mainline RPMs for Fedora & CentOS

Or: How I spent an afternoon doing a deep dive into the RPM spec and solving a problem for myself tl;dr – Nginx Mainline packages are being built for Fedora & CentOS at My webserver’s running nginx 1.4.7, a version that hasn’t gotten non-bugfix attention since March 2013, according to the changelog. Oddly enough […]

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My State of Serving, aka VPS recap

So I wrote a bunch about VPSes a few months ago, and what I thought my future looked like with them. Well, a bunch has changed since then, and will going forward, so let’s go: Full out cloud hosting Still good for buy-as-you-need systems, still not right for my usecase. Other than reading about price […]

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