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Provisioning & management

When I first found Kickstart, I had great joy in customizing my install files. I now have a set of PHP scripts that will create a customized Kickstart file for any install based on parameters passed in the URL. Now, looking into management of VMs (in terms of software), I’ve found that there are actually […]

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Mirroring Fedora 14 repos

Since I’m a Fedora/RH guy, I’ve been using Fedora 13 for most of my VMs. (The main exception is OpenIndiana, which I have for the ZFS support – It’s sharing my crucial stuff over the network.) Since Fedora 14’s been released, I’m going to move to that to play around with my VM infrastructure. But, […]

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Virsh/Xend management

Since I can’t really make head or tails of the xend/xenstore and the virsh way of configuring domains to autostart, I’ve just settled with exporting the config files from virsh and converting them to the native xen format. Like so: virsh dumpxml hydrogen > /etc/xen/hydrogen.xml && virsh domxml-to-native /etc/xen/hydrogen.xml > /etc/xen/hydrogen && ln -s /etc/xen/hydrogen […]

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Recovering VMs when they fail with disk errors

My setup is carving out a logical volume on my domU physical volume, and handing that to virt-install to use as the root disk. Now, it also partitions the LV, then installs LVM on top of it. BUT, that change isn’t passed back to the VM host, so the what’s inside the disk image is […]

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