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Adding a drive to a RAID 5 array

Followed the guide here: Once again, LVM is awesome.

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Stopping mingetty from launching in a Fedora/CentOS/RHEL Xen VM

Set “ACTIVE_CONSOLES=” in /etc/sysconfig/init and reboot. Remarkably simple, yet undocumented.

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Oh, hey. I’m late this year.

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Using LVM to move between drives

Finally got a pair of 500GB drives to do RAID1. So I needed to move from my single 300GB to a RAID1’ed 500GB pair. For the dom0, I had to do a reinstall of Fedora. Since I would be booting off the drives, and I needed grub setup as RAID aware, it was just easier […]

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find/xargs/grep tricks

Because xargs will die if you have an unescaped quote, but using -0 screws everything up if you’re reading a list of files: sed s/\’/\\\\\’/|cut -d \: -f 1|xargs -i rm “{}” The sed pattern will put the escape character in front of any single quotes so that xargs doesn’t screw up. Using md5sum to […]


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Allowing password-less SSH logins

Because I don’t care too much about what happens to my test servers, I’ve been setting up password-less SSH logins. Using a Linux system to login is trivial, because it’s a simple matter of doing ssh-keygen on the system that will be connecting to the remote server, and just hitting enter until the key is […]

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