My collected list of annoyances

Because I’m getting annoyed by stuff, and figure I might as well document it in the event I stumble across solutions

  • Evernote doesn’t have an easy way to strip formatting from a whole bunch of saved notes. I’ve got 4000+ notes, 99.9% of which are supposed to be treated as plain text, and there’s no way I’m highlighting the text in each one and doing Ctrl+Space to simplify formatting.
  • (Related to the Evernote one) Microsoft’s Input Method Editor seems to have defaulted to Ctrl+Space to switch between Chinese IME/Non-IME input, and it doesn’t allow me to set the key combination to None. In any case, it’s probably a moot point, since setting it to Ctrl+Shift+F12 results in Ctrl+Space still working. Hoping this is fixed by a reboot though.
  • CloudFlare doesn’t break down info by subdomains. I only know that there was a surge to my site, but don’t know a) where it went, b) where it came from, and c) what it accessed. There’s a button that looks like it’d be helpful, but clicking “More info…” does nothing. On Firefox AND Chrome. =|
  • New windows stealing focus. (See: Firefox opening the downloads window when you start a new download and the window isn’t open already, and Evernote opening a “New note” window until you disable it in the options, except that I probably need to use that window to reset the formatting when I create a new note…)
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