What is this?

This is my one-and-only-blog. It’s also the landing page for my entire site. (and thus it kills two birds with one stone, until I’m satisfied with my shiny new landing page. Which is currently one of those nebulous I’ll-get-to-it-eventually projects.)

That doesn’t tell me much.

Well, what should it tell you?

Er… more about you?

Well then. I’m currently interning at Kik in Waterloo, Ontario as a Server Tools/DevOps Developer. Previously I’ve interned at Twitter in San Francisco as an SRE intern, and at Facebook as a Production Engineer. I’m going into my third year of Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

I love working with computers – hardware and software. I ended up choosing software over hardware simply because software, having no physical component whatsoever, is only limited by my imagination. Physics is no longer a constraint. And there’s no magic smoke to worry about.

I used to own a 1U server, and play around with virtualization technologies, seeing what I could push the hardware into doing. Now that I’m moving every 4 months in UWaterloo’s co-op program, that’s been reduced to renting cheap VPSes and pushing those instead. Currently I’m looking at getting nginx, php-fpm, mysql and varnish to play nice on one low memory box. Sure I could pay an extra $5/month to double the RAM, but where’s the challenge in that? I really like efficiency in my systems. Both in software and hardware.

I tend to spend my spare time writing small scripts to help me do certain tasks, exploring photography, or simply playing games. And hiking. (So many pretty places, so little time to spend capturing them with my camera.)

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