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CSS Media Queries + Me

CSS Media Queries are also well and good after you realise that the problem you’ve been trying to fix comes from being too particular and drilling down to specify paragraph formatting inside the div, but the replacement stylesheet only overrides the container div, not the paragraph formatting.

Urgh. At least I’ve got the problem fixed.

Also, adding .content:after{content:"Mobile Stylesheet";} is a good way to see if the stylesheet is actually being loaded during testing.

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Cheaping out on EC2 – Downsizing existing EBS volumes

I’m moving a VM from my own server to EC2. I’ve got $50 worth of credit from a Redhat event, so I would like to make use of that. (That, and my AWS account existed before the free tier was introduced, so I’m not eligible for that.) That said, I want to make that credit last as long as possible. There were two parts to this – resizing the EBS volumes so I don’t get dinged for more than I need.

Amazon says $0.10 per GB-month of provisioned storage – so I’d be paying ~80 cents/month for storage that I’m not using. Admittedly, it isn’t that much, but that’s where I looked first.

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Removing bloat from Fedora 17 on EC2

I’m in the middle of trialing EC2, and I’m using the official Fedora 17 images kindly provided by the community.

They make a great starting point, because I can then install my needed software.

Some of which, though, I consider absolutely crucial. So far, I’ve need to install vim, less, rsync and screen. I can forgive rsync and screen, and to a certain extent less… but vim?

Especially when things like NetworkManager, ModemManager and mobile-broadband-provider-info are taking up space. Then there’s stuff like plymouth – we’re not seeing a graphical boot screen, so I should be able to erase this, right?

I hope that I don’t have to roll my own AMI image though. Just modify this one as needed, and create an AMI out of it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Specifying dom0 RAM in Xen – update

Another thing from the xen-users mailing list:

Apparently the way to specify the dom0 RAM at boot in Xen has changed. You should now specify the maximum memory – dom0_mem=2G,max:2G instead of dom0_mem=2G.

Also, a new addition to the Xen Best Practices suggests preventing Xen from auto-ballooning the dom0 memory down by changing autoballoon in /etc/xen/xl.conf to 0.


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Google Apps, multiple domains, and other related things

I’ve decided to actually get around to creating a portfolio site. Bought the domain, but have done… nothing.


First off, email and DNS takes time to propagate, so I decided to get Google Apps set up with that domain to be able to send & receive email from that domain. But I had decisions to make, which is the topic of this post. Read the rest of this entry »

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