Controlling groups of machines

So I’ve ended up bumping up the number of VMs I have running. And it’s getting annoying trying to manage them all. Previously, I was looking at using Puppet or Chef to control all the VMs, but never went anywhere with it.

So now I’ve decided on using Puppet. And combining it with Func. That’s the most useful combination I can think of – Puppet to enforce config file stuff – things like yum repos and such (which I’ve been meaning to create my own mirror so I don’t keep on hitting remote servers when I update the 7 or so VMs), while func seems to allow running stuff directly, either as a pseudo command line, or python modules. Continue reading

Travel tripods

So… Been looking around. The 190CXPROB costs upwards of $300 on Amazon… which means I shudder to think how much it costs here. Ideally, I’d like a tripod that’s under $250 ($300 max), and folds up small enough to hang off the side of my bag. Or get strapped underneath it. Essentially, limited to the outside dimensions of my backpack.

Fotopro C-5C was (supposedly) selling for $298 during COMEX, which ended last week, so that reminds me that I’ll need to go to the next show… So I’ll be at Suntec sometime in December, it seems.