Just bundled it into copr, so now there’s a yum repo for fedora 20, 21, 22 and rawhide & CentOS 6+7 –

Amusingly, Rawhide changed the ABI, which the configure script had problems with. But I found a solution, which is going into ngx_pagespeed – Documentation fix until the code is brought up to the newer C++ standard.


  • Fix up the config file – centOS 6 doesn’t like the uncommented pid file set to /run/pid; – default for systemd, doesn’t exist for init
    fixed by commenting out the pid declaration in the config file
  • Add pagespeed-by-default config file (copying from Added config file, automatically gets included by virtue of being in /etc/nginx/conf.d
  • Rewrite spec to conflict with the base nginx Obsoletes nginx < 1.7.0, conflicts with nginx >= 1.7.0
  • Create the pagespeed cache folder as part of the install (specified by FileCachePath, normally /var/ngx_pagespeed_cache)Done as part of .spec file

Also fixed a SELinux boolean needing to be set – ngx_pagespeed needs the httpd_execmem permission

Things that helped:

  • Running rpmbuild without the rigid in-root-of-home-directory structure: rpmbuild -bs --define "_topdir $(pwd)" nginx-pagespeed.spec
  • Running mock with --no-cleanup-after and --no-clean, so I could investigate the build directory (located at /var/lib/mock/<release>/root/build/BUILD, or at least along those lines)

Spec files are now in a git repo as well:

Exhaustive list of libraries that may or may not help nginx:


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