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Because this is worth repeating

I could have sworn I did this a while ago. But I got the error “‘Out of memory’, “xc_dom_boot_mem_init: can’t allocate low memory for domain\n “” when I tried to do a virt-install today.

The problem? I was installing a 64bit domU on a 32bit dom0. Which is a no-no.

Didn’t realise until I found this post on someone else’s blog detailing the error.

Now hopefully I don’t repeat this again…

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Revised Fedora virt-install command

I got tired of having to muck around with kpartx and such whenever a domU went down.

So I decided to just go with 4 LVs per domU – root, home, swap and boot.

The command to create the LVs is just one really long one, the original command replicated 4 times:

lvcreate -L10G -n rawhide-root vg_caesium_domUs && lvcreate -L1G -n rawhide-swap vg_caesium_domUs && lvcreate -L10G -n rawhide-home vg_caesium_domUs && lvcreate -L512M -n rawhide-boot vg_caesium_domUs

The virt-install command is somewhat different too – It now specifies the 4 block drives:

virt-install -p -r 512 -n rawhide -f /dev/vg_caesium_domUs/rawhide-boot -f /dev/vg_caesium_domUs/rawhide-root -f /dev/vg_caesium_domUs/rawhide-home -f /dev/vg_caesium_domUs/rawhide-swap -l -x ks="http://hydrogen/~kyl191/ks/ks.php?hostname=rawhide"



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