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Path to building Nginx Mainline RPMs for Fedora & CentOS

Or: How I spent an afternoon doing a deep dive into the RPM spec and solving a problem for myself tl;dr – Nginx Mainline packages are being built for Fedora & CentOS at My webserver’s running nginx 1.4.7, a version that hasn’t gotten non-bugfix attention since March 2013, according to the changelog. Oddly enough […]

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I’m annoyed at Crashplan now

I’ve been using crashplan for the last 10 months – the combination of low price, family pack of 10 computers and Windows & Linux support means it beat out BackBlaze for my online backup of choice. However, I’ve run into multiple problems with it, all in one day.

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You know you need more RAM when…

aka, my errors, let me show you them. or, inadvertent DDoSes are fun when you do them to yourself! finally, A: “I can see 4GB of RAM but I can only use 1.5.” Q: What is “Why I loathe 1and1”? sudo -i sudo: unknown uid: 10003 sudo: cannot fork: Cannot allocate memory -bash: /usr/bin/sudo: Argument […]

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3 things about backups

In this post I’ll talk about 3 things about backups that you should know. At the end of it, you should understand the different types of data involved in a backup, and some programs which can help you with the backups. 3 different types of data (Or, why not all data is equal) Data can […]


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