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SELinux, Xen & LVMs

I discovered something new today: SELinux can and does prevent access to logical volumes. This is entirely unexpected for me, because I always thought SELinux only worked on files. I was wondering why my test VM suddenly refused to start with the error “Disk is not accessible” after I upgraded it to F16Beta. I checked […]


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Xen documentation

I read a most interesting post on the Xen-users list today: I’m going to try to follow these suggested topics. I mean, I got Win2k8R2 running on Xen, and I’m running Xen on F16Beta,┬áneither of which I see documented anywhere,┬áso that’s surely something I can contribute to the community docs…

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Networking upgrade from Xen 4.0 to 4.1

I believe that Xen 4.1 saw the rewrite of what I’m assuming is the entire network configuration stack. Perhaps the most significant thing for me was that the domU’s network connection isn’t created/initiated properly if the domU config file has anything other than the MAC address and the bridge to which to attach the vif […]

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The downsides of using old servers as test beds

I managed to forget that Xen needs a PAE enabled kernel on i686. Oops. On a related note, adding ‘noreboot’ to the Xen command line stops automatic reboots, giving you enough time to read the error message.

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Upgrading to Fedora 16 Beta with yum

So… I saw that Fedora 16 was out in Beta. I decided to try out the supposed Xen dom0 capability, using my old 1U. It had Fedora 15 installed, but nothing on it, so I just decided to blow it all away. To start, I went and downloaded the Live CD. First problem: I grabbed […]

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Creating a new RAID 6 drive & attaching it to a Xen VM

I have 4 2TB drives in my NAS. They are split into 2 partitions, 500GB and the remaining ~1.5TB. The 1.5TB partitions were used in a RAID5 for media – music, backups of DVDs, etc. The remaining 500GB partitions were supposed to be for crucial documents, stuff that warranted double protection against disk failure. Except […]

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Virsh/Xend management

Since I can’t really make head or tails of the xend/xenstore and the virsh way of configuring domains to autostart, I’ve just settled with exporting the config files from virsh and converting them to the native xen format. Like so: virsh dumpxml hydrogen > /etc/xen/hydrogen.xml && virsh domxml-to-native /etc/xen/hydrogen.xml > /etc/xen/hydrogen && ln -s /etc/xen/hydrogen […]

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