Tunneling OpenVPN through SSH

Having a bit of time, and remembering that OpenVPN had an option for SOCKS proxies, I decided to take a stab at getting OpenVPN to work through a SOCKS proxy.

It was far easier than expected.I’m on a Windows 7 system, so I had to set PuTTY up to create a tunnel –  under Connection > SSH > Tunnels, I added 31337 as a source port, and set it to ‘Dynamic‘.

After that, I just added the line socks-proxy localhost 31337 to the OpenVPN config file – again, the TCP-based one, not the UDP-based one.

And that was pretty much it – hit connect in OpenVPN, and it worked.

I was pleased.


  1. #1 by john on January 2, 2013 - 5:01 am

    very good !

    Since the openvpn blockade
    I just use the SSH as my proxy, with firefox
    in “Firefox proxy setting” change proxy to
    SOCKS host localhost 31337

    in firefox about:config , change remote_dns to true

    But, as my remote server is static IP, the Chinese throttle the speed after we are dancing around awhile.
    before throttle
    download 2Mbps
    upload 0.35 Mbps

    after throttle
    download 0.20 Mbps
    upload 0.35 Mbps

    the download 0.20 Mbps seems to be common, other friends running their own VPN’s also get it after dancing
    around the wall awhile

    The speed goes back to normal after some time.

  2. #2 by tony on July 20, 2013 - 4:25 am

    Can you post your complete client side config file (with your IPs blanked, of course)?

    I want to try this setup and hopefully I can just change the IP and have it working for me.


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