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Or how I’m designing a system such that my stuff doesn’t get mixed up with the family’s docs, but both reside in the same disk.

For data storage, I have my VM dom0 controlling a set of 4 disks, which are split into a RAID5 and RAID6 set. Each RAID set is assigned to its own volume group. From there, a logical volume that takes up 100% of the volume group is created. The logical volume is then passed to the fileserver VM, which runs NFS & Samba.

The RAID5 is mounted as /home, and RAID6 is /home/mirrordata. In each user folder, there’s a folder labelled mirror, which is linked to their own folder in /home/mirrordata. (ln -s /home/mirrordata/kyl191/ /home/kyl191/mirror)

Samba seems to have a problem with following symbolic links that link between devices. This suggested adding unix extensions = no to the global config, apparently because Samba doesn’t automatically resolve symlinks on the server side. Whatever the case, mirror/ is now accessible over Samba.

The next step was sharing over NFS. A second VM does tasks like backups, with the storage mounted over NFS. On the fileserver side, it was a simple /home in /etc/exports, and mount helium:/home/kyl191 /home/kyl191/Archive on the backup VM.


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