Link Dump – 9/8/11 – David du Chemin, an interesting photographer. Manfrotto did a webinar with him, which I’ve been meaning to watch. (Signed up, but they’re held at 3AM local time, which is..not going to happen.) – As the URL suggests, a fitness blog… thing. Sells a book, but it seems to have a bunch of free info. Which I’m intending to trawl through and glean some info. (Also, which might actually be better suited for a beginner because you can ask questions there) – Seems to be a personal finance blog. Again, selling a product, but free info always helps. – WHATISTHISIDONTEVENKNOW. But it sounds impressive. If the content lives up to the URL – Linked in one of the blog posts, looks like it might have some stuff – Oh hey drawing stuff – I am just discovering the wonder that is reddit. Heard of it, but never touched it – Interesting idea, but you have to pay for the good stuff. – Interesting NYT article. About nutrition, so worth looking at.

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