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Rebuilding my desktop

So… I managed to get annoyed enough enough with my desktop slowing down that I decided to just give up and (re)install Windows 7 to an extra old hard drive. (And then muck around with partitions to get the new improved system back on the faster drive. In retrospect, should have done the move first. Must remember that for next time.)

Anyway. Steps, and what I installed: Read the rest of this entry »


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New toy: WSUS

So I got WinSrv2008R2 free, courtesy of Dreamspark, and I’ve been messing around with it. I was thinking of creating a few Win7 VMs to mess around with Domains, Group Policy and the like, and one of the things that I found was some functionality called Windows Server Update Services.

Turns out WSUS is a program which acts as a LAN-sized Windows Update In A Box. I like the idea of optimizing bandwidth used, AND it seems to give me nice pretty graphs of updates that were applied to my laptop when I tried it out. I’m hooking it up to my desktop too, just for the fun of it – mainly because my laptop’s 32 bit while my desktop’s 64 bit, so any architecture specific files need to be downloaded for both.

And then I thought, “Hmm. Why not expand it to the rest of the systems in the house?” All the systems that are actively used are Microsoft-based:

  • Study computer? Windows XP (going to upgrade it before I leave for Canada)
  • Dad & bro’s laptops? Cheap Acers running Vista Home Premium
  • TV computer? Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Mum’s laptop? (which she may or may not be leaving in Canada permanently) Windows 7 Home Premium too.

So, clearly, there’s some way to use WSUS at home. I used to go to each of them to manually click the ‘update’ button before giving up and setting Windows Update to automatically update all of them.

Right now the setup I have works. But WSUS is shiny new, so I’m going to mess around with it. It might not last, and I might let it sit there and run, but it’ll be fun to mess around with.


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