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Quick tip: Use a QR code to get a site on your mobile device before you leave the house

A few times I’ve been in a rush to get somewhere, but have an article or two open on my screen that I’m in the middle of reading. Before I got a shiny new Galaxy Nexus, I used to email the link to myself, and open the email and then open the link.

It wasn’t too bad, but for a single article it was tedious and annoying – even one link in an email was a rush.

And then I recently had a case where I had a long bus + train ride ahead of me, so I wanted to get a long article that I was reading on my desktop onto my phone. I don’t know why or how I thought of it, but the idea of using a QR code to get the URL onto my phone came to me. Possibly because I was reading an article lambasting the use of QR codes as links on websites.

Which is completely correct – it’s meant to convey data, so using them as internal links defeats the purpose. But I could use QR codes to transfer data between my desktop and my phone – I just had to convert the URL of the page into a form suitable to be displayed on my phone!

Some Google-fu later (for “QR code generator”) brought me to here, which was a perfect solution. Now, all I have to do is open that site, paste the page URL in, and snap a picture using the Android app Barcode Scanner. Then the app allows me to open the URL in the Android Browser.

Which felt very easy. Easier than emailing stuff to myself.