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Cheap hosting

I’ve perpetually been on the lookout for cheap hosting. Price’s the reason I’ve been hosting my stuff with Dreamhost for the past few years (going on 6 years!), and is the reason I’m going to be taking advantage of MaxCDN’s ‘free’ 1TB of CDN bandwidth this week. (Reasoing being that I don’t have much use for it now, but might in a bit, so extend my time as much as possible, so I’ll be getting it on Aug 31.)

It’s also the reason I’ve spent hours on LowEndBox after discovering it while looking for information about hosting a TF2 server. And oh my god, I’m so so tempted to sign up for some plans now even though I have no concrete plans for any uses at this point.

I can think of a few – host my own site with Varnish + nginx + PHP-FPM + memcache/accelerator for PHP, something that I can’t do with Dreamhost. Or use a site as a VPN endpoint so I can actually use Google Music, which has sideloaded the music on my phone onto it, but isn’t actually allowing my to access it (among other US restricted services).

I’m comparing all this to Amazon EC2’s free tier for what would be essentially a free VPS for a year (it covers a month worth of micro sized instance usage each month), and I can’t decide which is better though. Amazon is obviously free, but the micro size isn’t acceptable for TF2. And as a VPN endpoint, the 30GB of bandwidth is pretty low, and the fees per GB are high. 10 cents a GB means I’d only need to push more than 42GB, and I’d have paid more than the cheapest plan that I found cost. If I had stats of my usage, it’d be an easy decision. (Considering that I’ve already got an account with Amazon, I’m not eligible for the free tier, but alternate email address gets around that, unless they start restricting to 1 account/credit card number.)

Plans plans plans. And decisions. Anyway, a few things that caught my eye for future reference:

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