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On interviews and looking back at the future

I don’t think I’ve published a post on my job searches as part of my time in the SoftEng program at UWaterloo, even though I’ve got a few in my drafts.

Since I’ve had my last interview (and Jobmine has closed & matched), here’s some fun stats without naming companies:

  • Favourite interviewer line: “So our alphabet ends with Zee… actually wait, you go to Waterloo, right? So Zed.”
  • Favourite interviewer compliment: “If we hired based on domain name, you’d be our first choice!”
  • Most common uncommon interview question: “What’s your favourite TF2 class, and why?”
  • Most common common interview question: “Tell me about yourself!” (Still don’t have a fixed answer for this)
  • Most unexpectedly large number of interviews from a small-ish company: 4
  • Most unexpectedly small number of interviews from a large company: 1 (+ code test)
  • Weirdest application experience: Rejected on Jobmine, requested on LinkedIn (larger company, left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing)
  • Weirdest process experience: “Thanks for your interest in the Winter 2016 Internship position! We’d like to schedule your interview ASAP!” *interview* “Thanks for your interest in the Fall 2016 Internship position! We’d like to schedule your interview ASAP!”
  • Most annoying experience: “We’ll definitely consider you for the SRE position since you explicitly requested it!” “Here is the interview schedule for your SWE interviews”
  • # of code problems in phone/skype interviews left unfinished: 3
  • Best code writing platform: Coderpad
  • Worst code writing platform: Google Docs (“Let me just create some indentation groups for you”)
  • # of technologies to investigate: 6 (Stemcell, Consul, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Fluentd, Graphana)

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One more time…

Went back to SAFTI today to see people. Can’t say I miss working there, but I do miss the people and the camaraderie. But it was nice to actually sit and talk to people after being in Canada for a month, and only talking to people over a fairly bad Skype connection.

Also started polishing my resume and linkedin profile, now that I’m back and looking for a job for the next 3 months. I’d be much more confident if I didn’t end up doing generic resumes that I’m having to friends who are willing to ask around – I much prefer to tailor resumes to jobs.

For example, got a hardware position? Excellent, I’ll feature my hardware side more prominently – I oversaw the maintenance and upkeep of more than 120 terminals while I was in NS, doing troubleshooting and component replacement, so that’s a nice bullet point. But it looks strange in a resume next to “Freelance Website Designer” and “Freelance Systems Administrator”.

But it’s probably a good thing I’m fixing up my LinkedIn profile and the various about pages… Nothing like looking at the About page on your site and seeing “Last edited on December 11, 2007 at 8:34 pm”. (There was a brief “Oh wow, I’ve had the site this long?!” moment, I’ll admit…)

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