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Now that I’m actually looking for it

I’m seeing stuff about China’s blocking VPNs everywhere: New York Times, the BBC, and of course, Slashdot. Interesting tidbit: OpenVPN over TCP on port 53 apparently works. Not sure why it’d be like that, but maybe it’s something unexpected from infrastructure put in place for DNS poisoning. Possibly unrestricted, but mirrored to the DNS servers, […]

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OpenVPN and China’s Great Firewall

Slashdot linked to an article on China restricting VPN access, in particular OpenVPN clients. (Also: OpenVPN’s forums has a similar report) The problem seems to be they’ve implemented some sort of protocol detection that’ll flag and block OpenVPN connections after a while.¬†Unfortunately, this is no longer an academic problem for me, since I’ve got a […]

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