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Getting Django running on CentOS 6

Trying to follow this guide: epel6 rpms only seem to install 8.4 at this time, not 9.3 (strangely, since 8.4 isn’t supported anymore, so… I have many questions) Official 9.3 installation go! But WTF1: It was installed to /usr/pqsql-9.3, which wasn’t in the search path, so all the createdb and etc commands didn’t […]

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Getting OpenVPN to work on an OpenVZ VPS

Note: This is a personal VPN, so I just used static keys. A general guide to getting OpenVPN set up is available on the OpenVPN website, but this guide is targeted at CentOS 5 on an OpenVZ VPS. This guide should be usable in other RH derivatives without much (any?) modification; and with slight modifications […]

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Plesk, Updating CentOS & sftp-server

tl;dr – Either a plesk update or CentOS update borked an OpenSSHd install such that the sshd_config was pointing to an sftp-server that didn’t exist where it was looking for it, but existed in two other locations. Fix was to update the sshd_config while investigating the possibility of removing the duplicate install.

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