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Cross-compiling workaround

So I wanted to put together a system that would build i686 and x64 versions of the kernel. Shouldn’t be hard, I thought. Maybe a simple yum install gcc.i686, and that’s all. In short, I was wrong. So very wrong.

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Getting a dom0 kernel

Again, you have two main methods of getting a dom0 kernel on Fedora. (I’m sure there are other ways, but these are the recommended methods) Using a prebuilt dom0 kernel Compile a dom0 kernel yourself

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Getting Xen onto Fedora

You can do this many different ways: Install Xen through Yum Download prebuilt Xen RPMs & install them Download the Xen source and compile & install Xen

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Installing Fedora 14 for use as a Xen Host

You can use any method you like to get Fedora on your intended Xen host. All of the setup can be done post-install, though some stuff (like partitioning) is easier if you do it at install time. I get Fedora 14 on my host using the LXDE Live CD spin. The install process is mostly […]

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Intel wireless not working on Fedora 14

Thought it was just my Dell xps m1330 screwing up (again). But a Thinkpad T42 had the same problem. Turns out the appropriate kernel module wasn’t being loaded for some reason. But a `modprobe iwlagn` later, and it seems to work.

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WCG on Fedora 14

yum install boinc-client boinc-manager service boinc-client start boinccmd –project_attach sudo echo password > /var/lib/boinc/gui_rpc_auth.cfg sudo echo > /var/lib/boinc/remote_hosts.cfg sudo service boinc-client restart === Yes, I am running WCG on my fileserver.

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Adding a drive to a RAID 5 array

Followed the guide here: Once again, LVM is awesome.

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Stopping mingetty from launching in a Fedora/CentOS/RHEL Xen VM

Set “ACTIVE_CONSOLES=” in /etc/sysconfig/init and reboot. Remarkably simple, yet undocumented.

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Oh, hey. I’m late this year.

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Using LVM to move between drives

Finally got a pair of 500GB drives to do RAID1. So I needed to move from my single 300GB to a RAID1’ed 500GB pair. For the dom0, I had to do a reinstall of Fedora. Since I would be booting off the drives, and I needed grub setup as RAID aware, it was just easier […]

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