Getting Django running on CentOS 6

Trying to follow this guide:

epel6 rpms only seem to install 8.4 at this time, not 9.3 (strangely, since 8.4 isn’t supported anymore, so… I have many questions)

Official 9.3 installation go!

But WTF1: It was installed to /usr/pqsql-9.3, which wasn’t in the search path, so all the createdb and etc commands didn’t work.

Had to su postgres, cd /usr/pgsql-9.3/bin, ./createdb trailstest, ./createuser -P -s trails

And I only discovered it was in /usr/pqsql-9.3 because I did rpm -ql postresql93-server

yum install virtualenv step went fine

yum install libpq-dev python-dev was wrong, yum install postgresql93-devel python-devel was the correct command

pip install psycopg2 failed because pg_config wasn’t in $PATH – surprise surprise. export PATH=$Path:/usr/pgsql-9.3/bin fixed that… (Also, I discovered that there’s no spacing for a reason! Bash syntax!)

And then I got a gcc not found message. My bad, though it’s not a dependency of python-devel? a yum install gcc later, and we’re good…

And now it’s password authentication. I created a user, but it’s not working… even root is failing…

>Pizza Interlude<

So, had “Peer authentication failed” messages, and “Ident authentication failed” messages. I fixed the issue – remove everything from the config file, it defaults to connecting over the local UNIX socket, and using the username which it is running as, so the user has to exist in postgres. If I want it to work with a specific username/password combination, I’d have to edit the hba.conf file to get any other authentication scheme running.

Trying to get DNS working… new domain isn’t resolving on the UWaterloo DNS servers, but it’s showing up on other servers. Trying to get dig installed, but I’m getting yum timeout errors. Realised belatedly that I blocked outgoing HTTP connections. Rerun iptables rule adding with dport and sport swapped for input and output. Now everything is working, dig is showing the domain is resolving, so I’m just going to wait a while for UW to realise that a new subdomain exists…

Gunicorn is complaining about missing django project files when I try to run it and bind to port 8001. Mkay, noted. The Django dev server (python runserver gives me a
working page, and I can get to it, so Django is set up! Wohoo! Time to get some GPS encoded in EXIF images up…

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