Django development on Heroku

Because the setup doesn’t match the ‘quick start’ guides…

First, get the dev environment up. I’m using Fedora 17.

  1. The toolbelt install didn’t get properly setup – bash couldn’t find heroku. It was putting it into the $PATH in .profile, but I’m not sure if Bash on Fedora sources that file. Ended up adding an alias to .bashrc: “alias heroku=/usr/local/heroku/bin/heroku”
  2. Installing psycopg2 from pip failed. First it wanted gcc, then postgresql-devel to be installed. (Hat tip to Stack Overflow for the solution.)
  3. PostgreSQL on Fedora didn’t want to start/appear in systemctl until I ran postgresql-setup initdb. This was possibly because I was typoing it, but I’m not sure…
  4. I had to activate PostgreSQL through the addons panel in Heroku, it wasn’t automatically activated. Then again, apparently once a Django application is detected, a database is automatically setup.
  5. Because I used Heroku on another system, ssh keys were setup. Added the dev one with heroku keys:add.
  6. Despite adding the PostreSQL addon, I had to ‘promote it’ to the primary database; it wasn’t done automatically.

The rest of my problems were django based. (Also, unexpectedly long commitments. Oh well.)


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