The best of 2012

As inspired by Kev:

My 5 best moments of 2012

1. Meeting a special someone
The person responsible for this knows who they are. They’re making me smile pretty much daily right now, I figure that’s as good a reason as any to be #1 in my list of good things.

2. Going to UWaterloo
This factors pretty highly simply because it’s shiny, new and challenging, and took up the last 4 months of the year. First term wasn’t too bad, but I am looking forward to later terms.

3. Traveling
The Japan Trip in February was excellent – seeing different places, taking awesome photos, experiencing a different way of life. Kyoto and the more rural areas we went to are places I’d like to visit again, though I’d think I’d give Toyko a miss the next time around. As a final hurrah for the group of us before we scattered across the world, it was even more special. The wacky hijinks that we got up too – I’ll remember the mock Visa ad thing for a while I hope. =)

Routing my flight to Toronto through Dubai was also a good idea. While I don’t think I’d be going back there simply because of the heat, it was interesting seeing the Burj Khalifa, and traveling the entire length and breadth of their metro system. Just wish I’d gone and seen the UW campus in Dubai, that would have been something interesting to say I’ve done.

4. Finished my two years in the army
I had mixed emotions leaving – it’s nice to be moving on, but I made some really good friends while I was there, and now I won’t get to see them anywhere near as often.

And while it got better at the end, I don’t miss bureaucracy – though I know the real world is riddled with it.

5. Hanging out with people
In Singapore, it was with the monthly (at least) lunch sessions, and crashing people’s houses (mainly HJ’s, admittedly) for overnight movie/board gaming marathons. Standout moment: Spending an hour or so setting up for Arkham, complete with expansion board, only for me to set off a chain reaction of monsters spawning that killed everyone within the first 10 minutes of starting play. TF2 once a week just doesn’t do justice to what we had.

And in Waterloo, the near daily an episode a day meetups, and Cards Against Humanity. Oh, the Cards Against Humanity games. SO much awesome. Not to mention the talks about random stuff till late at night.

And my friends: All of you made me laugh at various times, and I love you lot for that. And that goes for the people in Singapore AND Canada.

If you’re reading this, hope you had an awesome 2012, and an even more awesome 2013.

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