The wonders of the internet

The co-op program here at UW is probably the biggest reason I chose to come here – I much prefer applying stuff I’ve learnt instead of learning all theory (why I’m in Software Engineering rather than plain CS). So as part of that, I’m brushing up my resume (and over the holidays, my personal site, and possibly this blog template, finally fix the annoying picture div problems). And as part of brushing up, I (re-)found an old thing that got published about me.Back in 2007, I participated in the ‘Young Defense Scientists Program”, run by DSTA. Ostensibly designed to get people interested in working for them, I have no problem admitting now that I did it because it was something to do over the holidays. (The fact that they offered a stipend of $300 wasn’t really a factor, considering that at NUS, it probably covered my lunch & bus from/to home.)

But as part of that, we had to do up a presentation on what we worked on over the 2 months. And at the presentation, a reporter interviewed me.

Admittedly, it’s probably because I stood out, being possibly the only Caucasian there. Or maybe I was just really friendly. But however it happened, my project got featured in a published article.

Of course, as standard military-linked stuff in Singapore, both links I found go to the same article text, but on different websites. The wonders of duplication.

(I so don’t miss working on the Pointer site.)


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