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My Git for CS137 setup

I’ve been using Git and GitHub for all of my CS137 assignments, in part to keep the files in sync between my desktop and laptop, as well as the UW server that I use for testing. The keeping everything in source control is a bonus, but one that comes in handy, especially branching when I discover that actually my code can be rewritten in a better way.

The primary impetus for this post is that I’ve been creating a branch for each assignment, but I still have yet to get the branching push/pull commands down pat, so I always end up searching Google for the appropriate commands. After 6 branches (and counting), I’ve gotten tired of that, so I shall centralise it in one place:

Pushing a new branch: git push origin new_branch

Pulling a new branch: or git pull && git checkout --track origin/new_branch or git checkout new_branch

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