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Lightroom plugin dev environment

I’m adding stuff to my plugin for Lightroom, just because I can. (And while I wait for the API to stabilize.)

Things like

  • Auto-updating to the latest version
  • Debug logging & submission of logs
  • Usage tracking
  • New API features (Like folder renaming, except it’s broken as of when I write this post.)

So for the auto-update stuff, I was looking for some documentation of just how to get a check-box to show up in the plugin manager, so I can give the user the option of auto-updates. Haven’t found it yet – what little I’ve found says I should have a file named “PluginManager.lua”, which there seems to be no documentation of on Adobe’s site (or anywhere else, annoyingly.), and the only reference I’ve found is . Oh hey, most of it’s in the SDK Guide, not in the sample code

But what I did find was – which seems to be a collection of notes on Lightroom plugin creation, as well as an interesting development setups. (And a plugin framework, just for good measure – but if I want to use it is another question altogether.)

The dev environment in question is this one:

I couldn’t be bothered to download and compile the Lua source, so I just used the LuaforWindows binary from here: (Not using the newly released 5.2.0, because I’m not sure Lightroom would accept it.)

And because I use GitHub, not SVN, the build.xml file that was provided had to be modified. to use Git. I found an answer in a relevant StackOverflow question to use instead of the SVN revision code as specified. (Grab my revisions from github here.)

However, Ant needs the Java SDK to run – which I didn’t have, so off to download that too.

Once downloaded and installed, Ant still failed with “JDK not found”. I had to add the JDK to the project, then select it in the Ant Build panel, and only then did it run successfully.



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