Stuff I’ve learnt today

  1. Time Magazine is for people with no time. I should have kept going with that Economist subscription. I finished the most recent issue, then moved onto Scientific American immediately. I realised that it made me think. (And I happen to like thinking.)
  2. Despite having not read many books for a while, I can still get through 330 pages of a book in just under 2 hours. (But the book was only OK. Glad it was a library book, not something I bought.)
  3. Linus Torvalds scuba dives. (And just got certified as a dive master, if his Google+ posts are anything to go by.)
  4. A variety of GNOME3 fixes, courtesy of responses to a rant about GNOME3:
    • To Alt-Tab through windows from the same app, use Alt-` (That key above Tab)
    • Ctrl+Click an application icon to get a new window instead of jumping to whatever desktop the existing window is on, and bringing that to the forefront
    • Holding down shift while moving a window around will cause it to try and snap to any of the 4 corners of the screen.
    • Holding down shift while resizing a window will cause it to try to snap the corner of the window you’re dragging to the respective corner. (Sadly, this doesn’t work to snap Terminal to half the screen. Unless there’s another window on the screen already, in which case it’ll try to snap to the side of the other window.)
  5. At least one other person in the IT field who went through mandatory military service believes his IQ dropped during that time. (I completely agree.)
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