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Link dump: 14/08/11

Only 1 today:

– Tool #2 & 3 seem the most useful for small-scale stuff… #1 looks interesting, but I need to find out how to set up query logs… or whatever the analyzer is running off of. =|

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SELinux and Apache userdirs

Normally I disable SELinux – for a home user, the additional security it provides isn’t worth much.

But for some reason I left it enabled on this install of Fedora 15. Which led to problems when I tried to get phpMyAdmin working out of my home directory. Read the rest of this entry »

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When a yum update kills itself…

There’s a bunch of clean up to do.

New kernel isn’t working properly – boot from old one.

Try yum update again, get an error message about an existing transaction.

Have yum-utils already installed, so yum-complete-transactions is a command away.

Even after repeating it multiple times, yum still complains about broken packages.

Turns out yum died in the middle of cleanup, so old packages were still in the rpmDB.

Discovery of the day: package-cleanup –cleandupes will fix that error, even though the list of packages to remove looks very scary.

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Linkdump – 11/8/11 –¬†Critical Career Paths for IT Pros

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Link Dump – 9/8/11 – David du Chemin, an interesting photographer. Manfrotto did a webinar with him, which I’ve been meaning to watch. (Signed up, but they’re held at 3AM local time, which is..not going to happen.) – As the URL suggests, a fitness blog… thing. Sells a book, but it seems to have a bunch of free info. Which I’m intending to trawl through and glean some info. (Also, which might actually be better suited for a beginner because you can ask questions there) – Seems to be a personal finance blog. Again, selling a product, but free info always helps. – WHATISTHISIDONTEVENKNOW. But it sounds impressive. If the content lives up to the URL – Linked in one of the blog posts, looks like it might have some stuff – Oh hey drawing stuff – I am just discovering the wonder that is reddit. Heard of it, but never touched it – Interesting idea, but you have to pay for the good stuff. – Interesting NYT article. About nutrition, so worth looking at.

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