opensolaris domU on a Fedora 13 dom0

Has been nothing but a pain. Seriously.

Tried . Close, but no cigar. Installing goes fine, but switching from HVM to PV kills it. looks good, but I have no idea where he’s getting the kernel and ramdisk from.

I’ll be trying, and over the weekend from a clean slate, so hopefully I can get something up and running properly.

(At least I got all the network bugs solved – xen’s network bridge kept on fouling on *something*. Manually typing in some of the ip commands and swapping to network instead of NetworkManager worked. Still not sure which fixed the problem, but I’m being it’s the change in network setup. network came up fine except that dhclient didn’t run, so I’ll be adding networking=dhcp to the ifcfg-eth0 script if it doesn’t come up when booting again.)

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