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Gotchas when installing a HVM

Using the Nexenta 3 release to get a better userland system than opensolaris. It’s based off OpenSolaris build 134, and still comes with ZFS, so it fits my needs perfectly. Since some customization has to be done first, it has to be installed in HVM mode. Which… has a few gotchas.

1. Only 4 devices are supported. I’m planning to use it a NAS, so I have the root drive (LVM-based) +3 2TB drives. Adding them + the install file gets a “cannot boot error”, which I found out was because qemu seems to only support 4 devices – I’m guessing in part because it has 2 IDE channels, and each channel can only take 2 devices.

2. Devices have to be named hd[a-d]. I tried leaving the file mentioned above as hde:cdrom. Got “No bootable devices found.” Changed it to read hdb:cdrom, and it’s fixed.

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Xen 4 on Fedora 13

Have decided to go with Fedora 13 for my Xen install. Reaons being:

VMWare and XenServer don’t support USB Passthrough, which I want to run one of the VMs as a home server, and will pass 2 printers through to it.

CentOS is running off an old kernel and Xen version. If I want the latest and greatest, I’ll have to hack something together, so might as well use Fedora.

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Setting the timezone from the shell

In Fedora 13 (and likely others), use cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE /etc/localtime && ntpd -q, where $timezone is your timezone. (The ntpd -q is likely unnecessary, but, eh. It’ll force an update to the system time.)

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