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Getting debootstrap on CentOS5.4

Mysterious references were found to a debootstrap RPM built for Fedora that should also work on CentOS5.4. Google searches are helpful in finding working links though – it pulled up Which seems to work – the fc11 and fc12 version have weird dependencies which CentOS couldn’t handle. (As an aside, CentOS seems to be […]

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Getting Xen 3.4 on CentOS5.4

First problem – The version of Xen it had was 3.1.something. The latest one is 3.4.2. Followed the directions here to grab 3.4. (Essentially, add a repo with the 3.4 rpms built, then yum groupremove virtualization, yum groupinstall virtualization. No idea why a bunch of stuff was dependent on Xen, but it was – stuff […]

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Xen on OpenSolaris 32bit w/out hardware virtualization

Turns out, it’s an utter failure. Xen kernel won’t even boot. And the package management system has been timing out really really badly. Though I think that’s just SingNet, not me. Anyway, the commands used: pfexec su – pkg install xvm-gui (This grabs all the dependencies too…) reboot For some reason, it also removed the […]

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