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Getting debootstrap on CentOS5.4

Mysterious references were found to a debootstrap RPM built for Fedora that should also work on CentOS5.4. Google searches are helpful in finding working links though – it pulled up Which seems to work – the fc11 and fc12 version have weird dependencies which CentOS couldn’t handle. (As an aside, CentOS seems to be incredibly poor in terms of software that seems to work with it. It can’t seem to find any program which I search for. I think I’ll need to find additional repos for it.)

Anyway, installing debootstrap once the rpm was found was simple – rpm -ivh debootstrap-etc, done.

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Getting Xen 3.4 on CentOS5.4

First problem – The version of Xen it had was 3.1.something. The latest one is 3.4.2.

Followed the directions here to grab 3.4. (Essentially, add a repo with the 3.4 rpms built, then yum groupremove virtualization, yum groupinstall virtualization. No idea why a bunch of stuff was dependent on Xen, but it was – stuff like gnome-volume-manager, of all things. And pcmciatools or similar.)

Trying to get ubuntu 9.10 and debian setup and running. Complicated by my drive having bad sectors that were only discovered when I tried to mount the filesystem for debootstrap and ran into read errors.

DBANing a new disk to make sure that that disk is fine now though. See how it goes. *crosses fingers*

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Xen on OpenSolaris 32bit w/out hardware virtualization

Turns out, it’s an utter failure. Xen kernel won’t even boot. And the package management system has been timing out really really badly. Though I think that’s just SingNet, not me.

Anyway, the commands used:

pfexec su –

pkg install xvm-gui (This grabs all the dependencies too…)


For some reason, it also removed the grub entry for the original kernel. No clue why it did it, but it left the system in an unbootable state.


So moved to CentOS 5.4. Except that’s a whole other deal.

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